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Help - FAQ

The choice of photo or digital image

What type of picture should I choose for a great Canvas print?

Absolutely any image you want. DekoCanvas helps you complete any project, so we can make a print of any image from any source. Our colleagues can use any image in any format and at any resolution. Depending on the resolution it is possible to apply certain effects, however you will get a final picture of the simulation.


  • We accept all formats of image files as: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, PSD, etc..
  • It is compulsory to have the right to use that image.
  • The preferred choice is, of course, a high resolution (minimum 150 dpi at 1:1).
  • For large files you can use transfer services such as www.wetransfer.com
  • If you opt for image processing, special effects, we can work even with small images that can be printed to any size.

Can I still send and low resolution images?

Of course! A higher resolution image is preferred, but you can send any image and we will prepare so that we can make a picture. Using advanced imaging technology we can prepare your files even if sent from your Facebook account or mobile phone. To avoid unpleasant aspects, we can apply different filters on the image and eventually get a spectacular picture.

If you want the picture to be realistic (e.g, without filters or special effects), send at least an 150 dpi image at 1:1 scale. Usually a 2-5MB file is perfect to get a high quality picture.

Can you scan my photo?

Yes! Check the option "Scan" under the upload section, then follow the instructions for sending the actual photo.


  • We will scan the photo at no extra cost and we will return it together with the painting
  • The maximum you can scan is 42 x 30 cm

Will I be able to see the final draft of my painting?

Upon request we can send you a digital simulation of the final picture. You may suggest even small changes or clarifications before the actual production.

Can I surprise my friend with a canvas print as a gift?

Surprise someone with a wonderful gift – a canvas print, easier than ever ! You can order a gift voucher or you can upload a photo, even from Facebook or any another site . You do not even require the original image. The surprise will have an amazing impact!

Your options and production

I have a favorite photo for a print, but I need some adjustments. Can you help me?

Sure! We are here to help you! At your request, our colleagues with vast experience in digital image processing will gladly make all the adjustments you require.


  • We pay attention to many details related to the contrast of the image, brightness and color balance to ensure that the finished product will get as good as it can !
  • We remove the "red eye" effect from the original uploads
  • On request we can apply various effects to your images (sepia, vintage, painting, insulation color, etc..).
  • You decide upon the final version to be transformed into a perfect print

What decoration and framing options do you offer?

We can simply print canvas or we can also spread on a wooden structure (up to you to choose which version you like). If you decide on the framed picture, you can choose various sizes of "thickness" for the frame.


  • The wooden structure that the canvas is stretched on is handmade from high quality wood.
  • Frame thicknesses can be 20 or 40mm
  • Staples used for fixing the canvas are masked by stickers bands
  • Delivering the canvas prints will require protection panel for corners and protective bubble wrap for maximum transport safety

Can I see how my photo will appear on the picture?

DekoCanvas guarantees the picture quality. Upon request, you can receive on e-mail a simulation. In addition, one of our representatives from DekoCanvas will contact you to clarify in case any doubts.

What type of canvas do you use?

We use Epson Canvas for our prints, a perfect material for high-load work for abstract prints, modern graphics, exhibition of color photographs as well as black and white decor, art reproductions, etc. Your pictures deserve a quality material, so do not compromise as we want you to be happy!

Canvas Order

Deliveries are made anywhere?

Currently we are covering Singapore and Hong Kong markets.

Do you offer discounts for volume or reseller?

You can be sure of that one! If you are an artist, photographer, decorator, reseller or company that acquires more than 10 paintings contact our sales department to create a special account with you. You can get consistent volume discounts and dedicated company representative who can address various concerns.

Can I change or cancel an order?

No problem. Send us an e-mail at support@dekocanvas.com.sg and in case the picture was not already processed, we will make changes or cancel the order. If you have an account with DekoCanvas, you can make the cancellation from My Account.

How long do I need to wait to get my painting?

Any order takes about 5 to7 days from the date we received you files.

My order has not yet arrived. What should I do?

Our partner in charge of distribution services offers online 24hrs delivery tracking. You can contact us at support@dekocanvas.com.sg , ask for AWB number, so you can monitor at any time you order status.

I received the canvas print, but I have a problem. Help me!

Sure! You are at your service. Contact us and we will make sure that all problems be solved.

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DekoCanvas Quality Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with your DekoCanvas we'll either reprint it for you or give you your money back. We are very proud of our work and we need you to be fully satisfied also.

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